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Booking Terms & Conditions

The following conditions together with the other information on this website form the basis of your agreement with me. Please read this information carefully as it sets out our respective rights and obligations. By asking me to confirm your booking, I am entitled to assume that you have read these conditions as well as all other relevant information on this website and agree in full. I can be contacted by phone and here.


An agreement is only entered into when I confirm this to you in an e-mail. I will send you this e-mail once I have received your order and once I have secured the relevant requirements for your booking. I will do this as soon as possible following receipt of your order.


2.1. The first person to book my services on a particular date gains my services at that particular time on that day. If someone 'beats you to it' I will do my best to move you to an alternative date/time convenient to you.

2.2. I reserve the right at my discretion to decline a booking application.


You may cancel your booking at any time, provided that you confirm the cancellation both by e-mail and by text message (sms): +420 605 774 826.


4.1. The first person to book my services on a particular date gains my services at that particular time on that day. If someone 'beats you to it' I will do my best to move you to an alternative date/time convenient to you.

4.2. I reserve the right at my discretion to decline a booking application.


5.1. I try never to cancel a booking. If due to ill health I cannot honour your booking I will either offer an alternative date or an alternative provider. But please do not worry, I am rarely ill. :-)

5.2. I cannot be held responsible for any additional services which you book outside the terms of your booking with me.


6.1. Occasionally changes are necessary for reasons of flight cancellations, schedule changes or ‘force majeure’. Except where otherwise expressly stated in these booking conditions, I cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation if I have to cancel or change your booking for reasons of ‘force majeure’. In these booking conditions force majeure means any event which I or my suppliers (e.g. boat ticket vendors) could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire and similar events outside our control.

6.2. Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realise that the tourism infrastructure in relation to both travel and other services in the Czech Republic may be lower than you would expect in your home country.

6.3. If there is a minor alteration then I will try to notify you, though I am not obliged to do so, nor am I obliged to pay compensation.

6.4. I may at any time during your time with me terminate the participation of a member of the party if I reasonably consider it necessary for the health and safety of that person or should their behaviour be disruptive or aggressive towards any other members of the party. In this situation I may inform the authorities, and should I do so I will cooperate with them. The person(s) concerned may be required to leave their accommodation or other services. I will have no further responsibility towards such person(s) including any return travel arrangements and I will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.


7.1. I reserve the right to apply surcharges to my prices only where I believe it is unavoidable and only in the event of:

  • Governmental action
  • Extreme currency fluctuations

7.2. Once I have received your order and confirmed your booking, no surcharges will be made.


8.1. Should you or one of the persons included in your booking suffer death, personal injury or illness arising out of an activity forming part of your booking I will accept responsibility unless there has been no fault on my part or my suppliers' or the cause was your own or the relevant person('s’) fault, or one which neither I nor my suppliers could have anticipated or avoided even with all due care being paid.

8.2. Where death or personal injury is suffered in the course of road or rail travel or while travelling on water, I limit my liability to compensate you in accordance with the relevant international law conventions.

8.3. Where the cause of death or personal injury is the act or omission of my suppliers my acceptance of liability is subject to you assigning to me your rights against them and to your co-operation with me in any legal action I may wish to take against them.

8.4. The maximum liability for any claim other than for death, personal injury or illness will be limited to the price paid for your booking.


It is an essential condition of your booking with me that you take out adequate travel insurance covering at least circumstances leading to the cancellation of your booking and providing sufficient medical cover for illness or injury and repatriation while abroad. When you come to Prague, please make sure you bring the name of your insurers, your policy number and their 24-hour emergency contact number. I will not be liable for any costs incurred by you due to your failure to take out suitable travel insurance from the date of booking.


If you have any complaints then please tell me as soon as possible, I will do my best to solve the problem as quickly as possible. If at the end of your time with me you feel that your complaint has not been dealt with properly, you must first notify me in writing (by e-mail) within 30 days of your scheduled date of return and I will do my best to reach an amicable solution quickly.


All matters arising from your agreement with me are governed by Czech law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Czech Courts.


If you have special needs (e.g. dietary requirements), please let me know at the time of booking. Whilst I will make every effort to meet your requests they nevertheless cannot be guaranteed.


13.1. You have certain responsibilities in relation to your booking, these are set out below. You are liable for these to the extent that you fail to perform them.

13.2. Documentation: You must ensure that you have all the necessary documentation to complete your journey. Travellers with full British passports should ensure that they have sufficient pages for entry and exit stamps. Nationals of other countries should check requirements with the Czech Embassy in their home country.

13.3. Health: Travellers with reduced mobility or a disability: foreign transport arrangements. The majority of these (including transfers) and other services provided are not equipped to cater for the needs of many disabled people. Furthermore the natural terrain in Prague and the layout of some resorts can make life difficult for wheelchair users.

It is therefore very important, if you have any disabilities, that the appropriate enquiries are made about the suitability of your booking with me, so that you are fully satisfied you have made the correct choice before you book and confirm with me. Please note: if special arrangements need to be made for you an extra charge may have to be levied, this may be the case either before you arrive in Prague or upon your arrival. I cannot be held responsible if you fail to tell me about special needs/requirements that will affect your booking and this means I will not compensate you. For customers who require support or advice prior to booking, please contact me. I will contact my suppliers for further information.

13.4. Transportation: You must ensure that you are ready on time for transfers and other forms of transport. If you miss a transfer or the departure of your flight/train journey/.... to Prague, I reserve the right to cancel this part of your booking. In the event that your flight/departure is cancelled on the day of travel you must notify me by sms immediately: +420 605 774 826. In this case I will offer you an alternative date/time.

13.5. Security and Safety: For British travellers: before you travel to Prague, please check the Foreign and Commonwealth website for essential travel advice, tips and up-to-date country information:

For natives of other countries, please check your Foreign Ministry's website.


If after receiving my confirmation you wish to change your booking in any way, such as a change of date, I will do my best to make the change but it may not be possible. Please contact me in writing if you do wish to make changes. You will be asked to pay a charge of 1000 CZK (Czech Crowns) per alteration as well as any additional costs of the new arrangements.


Please pay me in Euros or your chosen currency during your time with me in Prague.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


These booking conditions may be amended from time to time.

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