Prague tour Guiding

Frequently Asked Questions

My availability?

Please contact me in advance to enquire about my availability using the contact me page.

Can you accompany me to places outside Prague/the Czech Republic?

Yes, please provide me with all the necessary information; for this service I charge 3000 CZK per day in addition to travel-related costs. Please contact me for further information.

Do you work as an interpreter/translator/proofreader?

Not at present due to my commitments as a guide and English teacher.

Do you teach or guide school groups/other groups?

Yes, if this interests you please contact me with your specific requirements.

Can you recommend restaurants/museums/theatres/concert halls/places to change money etc?

Yes if you make a booking with me. In your e-mail please let me know what you're looking for and when we meet I'll give you a few tips. :-)

Is Prague a dangerous city?

By and large, no. But it is wise to be careful while visiting any larger town or city. Do not advertise the fact that you are from a foreign country. Use your common sense, follow my safety tips and advice, and you'll love your time in Prague. :-)

Are things expensive in Prague?

There are places in the city centre which offer fantastically bad value for money. And please be careful with the taxis. On the whole, however, most visitors to the Czech Republic consider the prices to be very reasonable.

What is the public transport like in Prague?

It's good: Prague has an underground system (3 lines), as well as buses, trams, and a funicular railway to Petřín lookout tower. Most parts of the city are served. The tickets are good value.

If I feel unwell while I'm in Prague, can you help me?

Yes, I can get you to a hospital, a pharmacy, or even call an ambulance. Please tell me as soon as you feel unwell, please do not suffer in silence.

Is Czech tap water safe to drink?

Yes, but many people including me prefer the taste of bottled water. :-)

How long will it take you to reply to my e-mail?

I will aim to reply to any enquiries as soon as possible. If you need urgent assistance please text me: +420 605 774 826.

I strongly recommend that you contact me as early as possible when beginning to plan your trip.