Prague tour Guiding

English lessons with me in Prague

I will meet you at your chosen location and help you to improve your English. I will answer any questions you may have related to this.

The price I charge for 1-3 students for 90 minutes is €39. If there are more of you, the price may be higher, please ask for details, thank you. When you book English lessons with me, please make sure you tell me:

  • Name of your group organiser
  • Number of students in your group
  • Where lessons are to be held
  • If there are any particular topics you would like to study e.g. Business English
  • Your level of English and your preferred method(s) and material(s) for studying
  • Whether you want a coffee break etc
  • Any other information you think I should know
  • English Lessons

    The shortest lesson I give lasts 90 minutes. For students UNDER 17 when they study without adult students this can be 60 minutes, for this I charge €25.